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Visiting Southeast Asia, Toly Electric accelerated the development of overseas market


       From September 11 to 21, Chen Haibing, vice president of Gold Cup Group and head of Electromagnetic Wire Industry Center, visited customers in the Southeast Asian market and carried out market research. Huang Yueyu, secretary of the Board of directors of Gold Cup Group, Zhang Xiaobo, general manager of Toly Electric, and Chen Yuping, deputy general manager, participated in the research.

During the business trip, the company team has visited 11 new and old customers in 4 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and carried out market research. When communicating with customers, the team reported and introduced the company's general situation, development plan and international business to customers in detail. All customers welcomed the visit of the company team, highly appreciated Toly products and services, and introduced the situation of local market and their own business. In order to better meet the needs of customers in Southeast Asian market, the company team has also conducted in-depth communication and exchange with customers on the possibility of local plant construction and relevant policy requirements.

       Start from sincerity, proficient in specialty, and develop into trust. The business trip to Southeast Asia not only enabled the company to have a deep and multi-angle understanding of the Southeast Asian market, but also expanded the company's brand influence in the Southeast Asian market. In the future, Toly Electric will fully evaluate the market potential, continue to strengthen and accelerate the overseas market layout, and lay a solid customer base with fast service and reliable quality.