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Multiple paper covered wire
Multiple paper covered wire

Multiple paper covered wire

Thickness of a single wire (mm): 1.00~8.00

Width of a single wire (mm): 4.00~20.00

Width-to-thickness ratio of a single wire: ≤20

Numbers of wires: 2~4

Product Description

● Product Introduction

Multiple paper covered wire is a winding wire wrapped by specific insulating materials which is arranged by a number of paper covered wires or flat enamelled wires according to the specified requirements.
Multiple paper covered wire is an important material for making transformer.  It is mainly used in power transformers, reactors and distribution transformers.

● Product Features

Toly Electric specializes in the production of copper & aluminum paper covered wire, multiple paper covered wire, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons, the products have the following advantages:
Accurate in shape and size
Proper tightness of wrapping
More than 8000 meters without joint

● Main Product Categories

Multiple paper covered wire-3.jpg

The above products can be produced according to the standard provided by users.

● Technical Data

DataMultiple paper covered wireEnamelled paper covered wire/Enamelled multiple paper covered wire
Single thickness (mm)1.00~8.001.00~5.60
Single width (mm)4.00~20.005.00~18.00
Single width-to-thickness ratio≤20

● Common wrapping insulation material

Power cable paper, high density insulation paper, Thermal upgraded paper, high elongation fiber paper, aromatic polyamide paper (Nomex), PET film
Users can specify the brand, model and specification of insulation materials.