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Litz wire
Litz wire
Litz wire
Litz wire
Litz wire
Litz wire

Litz wire

Numbers of single wire’s strands: 7-2000 (odd or even )

Single wire size: 0.10-3.00mm

Product Description

● Product introduction

Litz wire is made of several independent insulated conductors stranded or woven, which has the characteristics of easy molding, high groove full rate and low energy consumption.  In the high frequency transformer/motor, frequency conversion transformer/motor, military products, precision medical instruments and other fields have obvious advantages in use.

● Product Features

Good flexibility
Filling ratio ratio
Low AC loss

● Main Product categories

√ Round enamelled/ Film covered Litz wire
√ Flat enamelled/ Film covered Litz wire

The above products can be produced according to the standard provided by users.