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About us

About us

Company culture
  • Corporate Mission
    Enterprise mission
    Inheriting Industrial Emotions and Linking a Better Life
  • Corporate Vision
    Enterprise vision
    Industry Gold Cup, century-old Gold Cup
  • Corporate Values
    Enterprise values
    Customer centric, value oriented, innovative leadership, collaborative and win-win situation
  • Enterprise Spirit
    Enterprise spirit
    Take on practical responsibilities and bravely win the championship
  • Enterprise purpose: surrounding your needs forever
    "Surrounding" not only shows the industry characteristic that winding wire is the leading product of Toly Electric, but also expresses that Toly Electric has always been to meet the needs of customers and employees. To meet the needs of customers is the cornerstone for Toly Electric to stand in the winding wire industry and maintain the leading position, and to provide the stage for employees to realize their self-value is the source of development and growth of Toly Electric.
    Corporate Culture
  • Quality culture: produce best conductor with best material
    Adhering to the enterprise spirit "pursuing credibility and excellence", Toly Electric uses high quality raw materials, advanced technology and equipment. All staffs create high-quality products with strict responsibility and sincerity, and provide a full range of supporting services, finally win the market and the customer's long-term trust.
    Quality target
  • "Five unification five power" party building method
    Adhering to “Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, Toly Electric party branch runs party building through the whole process of enterprise decision-making, development, production and sales, also explores “Five unification five power” party building method. Party construction leads the overall situation, enhance strategic leadership. Party branch plans and joins construction to promote the driving force of the organization. Innovation helps development, enhance core competitiveness. Quality and efficiency management can enhance brand influence. Culture and connotation can improve team cohesion.
    Party Building Culture