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Toly Electric new appearance 2023 CWIEME Berlin


From May 23 to 25, the 2023 CWIEME opened in Berlin, Germany. Gold Cup Electric Electromagnetic Wire Co., Ltd and Wuxi Toly Electric Co., Ltd of Gold Cup Group jointly participated in this event. For the first time since the epidemic, it has presented a new image of Chinese enterprises to overseas markets. After the exhibition, Mr. Chen Haibing, vice president of Gold Cup Group and chairman of Toly Electric, led a team to a number of key customers in the European market for an 8-day visit and exchange to understand customer needs on the spot.

CWIEME Berlin on Site

CWIEME Berlin has a long reputation in the industry. It is reported that this exhibition brought together more than 600 global high-quality motor, transformer, inductance materials, production equipment, accessories exhibitors, showed the latest industry development direction and cutting-edge technology. In order to do a good job in the exhibition, the company carefully set up a marketing and technical team, built about 60 square meters of exhibition hall, showed a full range of corporate products and brand image. During the exhibition, new and old customers from all over the world came to the company booth for negotiation, after three years, especially the old customers and friends in the European market are very happy to see our company again, had in-depth communication on the international industry situation and market development.

Visit customers in European market

After the exhibition, the company team successively visited a number of European market customers to introduce the company's latest operation and development plan. In practical exchanges, customers in the European market said that with the expansion of green and low-carbon demand for energy, the European power transmission and transformation market has gradually recovered, and they are willing to carry out closer business cooperation with our company.

The rare market opportunity is exciting, Toly Electric will on the one hand hard to practice internal skills, continue to strengthen production capacity and technical advantages; on the other hand, strengthen the overseas market layout and enter the international market competition with a new attitude.