Wuxi Toly Electric Works Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Toly Electric) established in year 2006, it is a professional flat winding wires manufacturer, integrating R&D、manufacturing and sales, focusing on R&D、manufacturing CTC、Paper covered single conductor、Paper covered multiple conductor、Film and mica tape covered conductor、Enamelled flat conductor and Super conducting. The products widely used in high voltage and extra high voltage power transmission equipments、advanced rail transit equipments、high voltage motors、 medical care equipments、new energy automobiles、clean energy equipments and so on.
     Toly Electric is China’s machinery industry management progress demonstration enterprise、Star enterprise of China’s revitalized equipments manufacturing industry small and medium enterprises star、 Jiangsu smart grid industry alliance member unit、 Jiangsu health demonstration enterprise、Jiangsu quality and integrity enterprise. Toly Electric many times to undertake national、provincial technological upgrading and science projects, as well as to launch in-depth industrial-academic-research cooperation with Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences、Tsinghua University、Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute and so on other scientific institutes; to undertake editing works of national “Twelve•Five”、“Thirteen•Five” winding wire industry development plan; to lead the establishment of national standards and industry standards; to undertake the writing works of industry technical training materials, plays the leading and demonstrated roles in the industry.

     Over the years, based on excellent products and service, Toly Electric has established long-term deep cooperation with ABB、SIEMENS、GE、TOSHIBA、TBEA、XD Group、CRRC and so on other famous domestic and overseas enterprises, and kept support providing throughout the year, formed brand effect in the industry, has been widely recognized by customers.

     Toly Electric shoulders “Transport power for Green energy, add momentum for social development” corporate mission, based on “Establish global leading winding wires enterprise” company version, cohere all employees’ wisdom and strength, totally improve intelligent management, create learning、innovative, effective international excellent enterprise.