Toly union is the mass organization of Toly workers, is the bridge to connect the enterprise and workers. Toly union has the responsibilities to preserve the workers’ legal rights, to serve the enterprise work, coordinate the enterprise’s overall interests and workers’ specific interests. Toly union foucuses on advancing democratic management, training worker team, serving the mass. With the aim of “All for workers, all depend on workers”, Toly union insists to regard achieving the mass workers’ fundamental interests as the beginning point and end point of all work, so as to do good things, do practical things and solve difficult things.

        Lead by the superior union and Toly party branch, Toly union aroused the enthusiasm of of union key staff and union activists, which play the important leading role in all kinds of daily work and developing new union member. Toly union has followed the pace of the enterprise’s development. Toly union has actively participated in the enterprise’s operation reform, formed and optimized union working system, finished union working plan on time, advanced democratic management and supervision, so as to build a learning union organization and carry out union activities orderly.

        Toly union has alwans taught workers to do their own job well, love their job and try to make innovation. Toly union has also encouraged workers to learn new scientific knowledge and technical knowledge, so as to improve the workers’ quality. The workers are also encouraged to propose new ideas and better advice, keep close link with the enterprise’s development, so as to motivate their sense of ownership, responsibility, mission, crisis and innovation. As a result, the workers intelligence and wisdom will be motivated, which will help them to achieve self-worth in the enterprise’s development.

The democratic management of enterprises

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