Since Toly party branch set up, Toly has taken the Party Central Committee policy and line spirit as guidance, taken the mass line education practice activity as opportunity, foucusing on building “Double strong six good party organization”, operating the political leading role of basic level party organization and model role of communists, transforming the party’s political advantages, organization advantages and the masses to our enterprise’s innovation advantages, compitition advantages and developed advantages, which become the red motive power of our enterprise’s sustainable healthy development.

        As the party branch of private enterprise, during the long way of new time, our party branch well planned the innovation thinking, finding the bonding joint during the enterprise development, constructing the harmonious enterprise and harmonious society. Our enterprise centred on deep reform and innovation development, party construction and hot& difficult problems existing during workers, focused on learning, service, systems and construction, getting the synchronous development of economy and party construction.
        In recent years, Toly party branch innovated basic level party construction, organized the learning of new economy normalcy such as “One Belt One Road”, “Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy”,”Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”,”Asian free-trade area”,”Encourage people to do business creatively and drive innovation” and so on, so as to strengthen the party spirit education. What’s more, Toly party branch also brought internet thinking and industrial 4.0 concept into daily work and has promoted two integration ability. Through the hard working, Toly party branch was highly regarded in the superior leaders and has achieved the honor of “Learning party” and “Double strong six good party organization” from superior party working committee. 

Learning party organization

The training of Party members

Organizational learning spirit eighteen

Party members to join the party oath

Organization collective watch the victory of the war of resistance against Japan 70 anniversary parade ceremony

Party members' voluntary weeding activities

Party member Dabie Mountain "red tour"