Take care of the next generation

In 2006, We set up the Toly Fellowship to help those poor students establish the university dream. At the beginning of term every year, our corporation will subsidize 5-10 entrants until they graduate from university, through which Toly expresses gratitude to society.

Help the Disabled

Teaching associates to fish rather than simply giving them fish. Toly has built a stage for the disabled to display their talent and arranged the suitable jobs according to their different characteristics, so as to help them realize their value while creating wealth for society and family, promote their quality and equip them with skills.

Help the poor

Toly has always taken care of the poor workers and gave them solatium every year. Toly party branch and labour union has always held “Toly donation” to help the sicken university students, difficult workers and add power to life with full love.。

Students funded by Toly

Toly donated testing equipments to Harbin University of Science and Technology


Toly funded draughts compitition of Jiangsu Province


Toly donated to Leukemia girl Cao Mengting


Public blood donation


Donation to sicken workers