Always surround your needs - service concept

      Electrical power systems determined to build the world's leading winding wire business, full face of the market, full service market, is one of the responsibilities of each of the system of the people, their innovative, courageous, pioneering, first. Their services continue to exceed your expectations, pushing the company to quickly expand service radius and range of services will eventually become an extensive worldwide service and efficient team.

      According to your needs and specific circumstances, the unified force person to provide the following services:
     More nuanced pre-sale service.
      Companies focus on strengthening the construction of service innovation capability, will always be around your needs as the company's service purposes, to provide customers with detailed product introduction, demonstration and description, technology and factory visits, etc.;
     Tailored design services.
      The company's business team has a number of technical engineers, for specific product projects for the characteristics of our products to design, to provide customers with the use of product parameters, packaging, measurement, measuring instruments and other technical reference. To make sure that the product plan is scientific, reasonable and economical;
      Follow up the sale service.
      Company to provide technical and commercial personnel, tracking the quality and progress of the winding wire products, timely response and solve all kinds of problems in the use of the product;
      The customer service service begin well and end well.
      After sales visit (satisfaction survey, etc.) is an important part of the ISO9001:2008 system, but also the only way we have to complete the service and service improvement. Provide customer technical support service and product information tracking, ensure product and service quality continuous improvement.