Electric Equipment:
      Electric power has much relationship with human life. Toly’s winding wires is the important part of transformers and reactors. With all kinds of products and much experience, Toly can provide the most suitable products for power transmission and transformation system as well as the smart power grids.

Railway Transportation:
      Railway transportation has changed people’s transportation mode and promoted economic development. With the self-researched equipment, Toly has promoted the winding wires’ mechanical and electrical properties, so the winding wires become the central material of the high speed electric motors. As a result, Toly has helped the motor producting enterprises to achieve the driving system---traction transformers’ light weight and stability.

Clean Energy:
      Developing the clean energy is a good way to achieve energy conservation and emission reducton. Toly has cooperated with wind driven generator producting enterprises to research the winding wires used for the wind driven generator, such as the polyimide film sintering wire and compound insulation winding wire, and has guaranteed the sustainable and stable operation of the wind driven generator.

High-voltage Motor:
      The high-voltage motors play an important role in mining, mechanical industry, petrochemical industry by enhancing voltage to achieve high power output. As the output power is too high, the high-voltage motors need to have better insulation property. Toly has many kinds of painting technology and much experience, so as to promote the winding corona resistance and impulse voltage resistance.
Medical Devices:
      The newest medical imaging technology such as the magnetic resonance imaging is very important in tumour, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease screening, so as to promote human health. Toly has paid much attention to super material development, strictly control the accuracy and property of winding wires, so as to provide the most suitable plan for medical device field.