●Product Introduction

Film sintering wire has the features of thin insulation layer, high insulation strength, good toughness property, good heat resistance property, good waterproofness property and so on. It is widely used in all kinds of high-voltage and high-power electric motor windings, and those under high temperature and high humidity environment. Using corona resistance film sintering wire can also improve insulation layer’s corona resistance ability, impulse voltage resistance ability and heat dissipation ability. The corona resistance film sintering wire can be used to manufacture windings of variable frequency motors, traction motors and high voltage motors.
●Product Features

      Wuxi Toly Electric is specialized in manufacturing polyimide film sintering wire. The production equipments are designed with international advanced technology, with process experience accumulated through so many years. The wire traction and film sintering have both achieved constant tension control. The product has the following advantages:
      ★high wrapping precision      smooth and firm insulation layer      continously stable quality

Product Types
Polyimide-F46 composite film sintering flat copper wire
Polyimide-F46 composite film sintering flat aluminum wire
Polyimide-F46 composite film sintering round copper wire
Corona resistance polyimide-F46 composite film sintering flat copper wire
The above products can be producted according to standard provided by customers.

●Technology Parameters
Conductor specification range
Flat conductor: thickness, width
Round conductor:diameter

Insulation layer range:
Single layer, 50% overlapping
Single layer, 66% overlapping
Single layer, 75% overlapping
Double layers, each layer 50% overlapping

●Wrapping insulation materials
Kapton® FN polyimide film
Kapton® FCR corona resistance polyimide film
PI-2 polyimide film
Customer could specify insulation materials’ brand, type and specification.