●Product Introduction

      Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC) is the important material for manufacturing transformers’ windings, is one of the leading products of Wuxi Toly Electric Works Co., Ltd , and enjoys high reputation in the industry. The thermoset epoxy CTC which researched and developed by ourselves obtained invention patent, to fill the domestic blank. Wuxi Toly Electric has 10000 tons annual capacity, with mature technology, could manufacture all kinds of specifications of CTC which from strips 5 to 80 according to customers’ requirements. The CTC has the advantages of high utilization of space, low eddy current loss, high mechanical strength, less time for coil winding and so on, mainly used in manufacturing windings of power transformers, electric reactor and traction transformers.
●Product Features
Wuxi Toly Electric is specialized in manufacturing copper and aluminum CTC, and has following advantages:
★Precision product overall dimension
★Precision product overall dimension
★Moderate wrapping tightness
★The continuous length without joint is more than 3500m.


●Major product types 
Paper insulated Polyvinyl acetal enamelled CTC       Paperless polyvinyl acetal enamelled CTC      √  Polyesterimide enamelled CTC

Technical parameters
Number of strips: 5-80 (odd or even)
Dimension of enamelled wire:
Single conductor dimension:
Thickness a: 0.80 – 3.15mm
Width b: 2.50 – 13.00mm

●Common wrapping insulation materials
Electric kraft paper, high density insulation paper, thermally upgraded insulation paper, high stretch fiber paper, Nomex paper.
Customer could specify insulation materials’ brand, type and specification.